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Nick and Whitnee's Love Story

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Ultimate Utah wedding has been a blast! I am So greatful for all that has fallen into place. I know that I would have never had a Wedding this immaculate! Thanks to all the vendors and everyone else who is helping with our wedding. I have had so much fun doing everything. I am excited to see how this all comes tgether. The most important thing im excited for is to be sealed together for eternity!!! :) I love Nick and look forward to making more memories with him.


  1. Hey Whit!, I heard your wedding was being televised and stuff wow I cant believe it that is so cool I am really happy for you. Whats this talk about you getting sealed in the temple? You have definitly turned your life around from your old days back down at Dixie ;) I never thought the day would come when enser would just settle down for one guy haha you were such a player! Its good to see your a good girl now But good luck and no regrets

  2. I just love utah weddings they are just so much fun. I have helped plan so many weddings, it's great to see all of your pictures and the fun that you've had planning your wedding. Just love it.