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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today on Good Things Utah, Nick and I weren't as nervous to be on. We knew that we had the Photographers and Invitations on there with us. :) So it was a lot of fun! I really liked this segment because Nick and I had so much fun taking pictures. Both Zuma And Brody Dezember were such awesome Photographers. They both took us to some really cool places to shoot our engagements. That is why I think this will be such a hard decision for the viewers to choose as well. The hardest part of doing this shoot was picking our top favorite pics. Every picture that I liked, Nick didn't, and every picture that Nick liked, I didn't. :) That was a hard one to figure out. We finally came down to the conclusion that he pics his top 2 favorites and I pick my top 2 faves. So it ended up working out. I never thought we would actually argue about something like that. It was hilarious! Now lets see what invite gets picked. of course... I like the jackson Fold #4 and Nick likes the Brittany #3. :) I don't really care though. They are both cute. So this week we will find out! Im excited just so that we can finally get them sent out soon. Hopefully by the end of December or beginning of January.

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  1. Just curious why is it called the Utah wedding... I looked and Nick is not on the football roster... I realized he quit the team. So is it because he goes to school there? Whitnee doesn't even attend college, does she? I just feel like their riding the UTAH Ban wagon. I guess I am just jelous because their getting everything paid for, for doing absolutly nothing!